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Bataille, Hand of the Lord. | MLD

Édition anglaise de :: Cheffe de Bataille

☞ Tirage signé, accompagné de son ex-libris personnalisé

❝gashes on my knees I am ashamed low-voiced blackbirds et my face I try to throttle myself I cannot fight the sun of God without end suffering abandon the least I can I cry I cry louder he is vicious he guides me even while I believe I am fighting him he thrusts me against an oily hedge my eyes stick out tongue red the war is terrible a few steps from me a chasm opens up a mirror is held to me but I dare not look I am killed and my throat is slit I have to get back on my feet I must my left arm is coming off fuller and fuller of blood God persecutes me my stomach is open in every artery another world begins through force of killing me they kill me I have written it already by way of killing me they kill me I kill in the name of the Lord do you have news of my son the son that I brought forth and delivered as a hostage even he is a deposed king you leader of yesterday I know the pain in his flesh how heavily my choices lie I hate myself ut forgive myself give me the name befitting of me I want a grand funeral I can no longer see I show my hole to the face of God cursed earth cruelty is immortal the enemy is infinite after my death none will forget my name❞

Merci à toutes, à tous.

+ Dimensions 15 X 21cm
+ Support papier bouffant
+ 2 feuilles pliées l'une dans l'autre
+ Édition fanzine
+ Traduction Tobias Ryan

► Fabrication à la main, en France