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At Night, There Is Nothing but the Night | MLD

Édition anglaise de :: Dans la nuit, il n'y a que la nuit

☞ Tirage signé, accompagné de son ex-libris personnalisé

“day one

I believe in nettles that do not sting
in fresh cum
in worn out assholes in worn down lips
in stunted pricks
in Bataille-ready hair
the smell of cold piss
in dogs in crows
in the unknown Gods who I come close
to blowing as you crush me with your weight
my hole as such is an abyss
low rugged and unconscious
my tongue and slit are wet to the marrow
my throat is my palace your cum is my crown
she demands that you throw all the time more down
and swallows with a savage appetite
in my half-waking state she digests it
I am a rift
the only sustenance you permit me is the phallus impudicus
I would once lick your balls to give my tonsils your taste
The Blue of Noon remained my hell
and your cock went right through the middle of me”

Merci à toutes, à tous.

+ Dimensions 15 X 21cm
+ Support papier bouffant
+ 2 feuilles pliées l'une dans l'autre
+ Édition fanzine
+ Traduction Tobias Ryan

► Fabrication à la main, en France